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Track list

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Track list is a list of all songs on the record and their playing times, together with the total play time for each side of the record (or just total playing time for a CD).

Track list is important for us to check the track order/data integrity and it can help you check if your total play times are staying withing recommended lengths.

Sample tracklist

This is a sample tracklist for Reason To Care -- Dear Liv Ivy LP, written in plain text:

DDR554 tracklist:


01 Prologue.wav					00:02:09.04
02 Dear Liv Ivy.wav				00:03:45.19
03 Chrystals And Glass.wav			00:04:06.41
04 Eerie Melody.wav				00:02:03.40
05 Chronicles.wav				00:03:23.08
06 Dreary Fall.wav				00:04:25.44

TOTAL						00:19:52.56



07 Merry Go Round.wav				00:03:42.76
08 Gold Dust.wav				00:03:20.73
09 My Burial.wav				00:04:51.57
10 At Sea.wav					00:03:51.21
11 Epilogue.wav					00:01:15.39

TOTAL						00:17:01.67