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Barcode is a representation of an identification number, easy-to-read by optical machine devices.

Typically barcode are used by retailers to identify a specific product. To make sure no barcodes ever collide, barcode identification numbers are not randomly chosen but assigned by an organization responsible for their uniqueness (manufacturers are assigned a range of barcodes they can use for their products for a maintenance fee). Largest product identification system is maintained by GS1, which includes Universal Product Code (UPC) and European Article Number (EAN).

We can provide a certified GTIN-13 trade item number (represented as EAN barcode) free of charge together with manufacturing of your products.

Creating Barcode

If you want to submit your own barcode it has to be done in vector graphics and unless you order barcode-creation from us we are not responsible for checking their validity/readability.

If you want to read about barcode creation basics and common pitfalls, please visit Barcode Creation Guidelines.


Global System 1 is an international non-profit organisation comprising of former EAN International and Uniform Code Council. It is dedicated to the developement and implementation of standards for supply & demand chains, maintaining product identification standards.

Our Global Location Number (GLN) registered at GS1 is: 8592735000001


GTIN-8 is a shortened 8 position trade item number, which will be encoded as EAN-8. It is reserved for very small products (think bubblegum) where fitting a larger code could be difficult. We do not offer GTIN-8 for our common products.


GTIN-12 is a 12 position trade item number, widely used North America, and in countries including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. As standard, we will provide you with GTIN-13 item number (which is accepted by major retailers in North America since 2005), but if your retailer or customer depended on GTIN-12, we can provide you with GTIN-12 trade item number (encoded as UPC-A barcode).

GTIN-13, EAN-13

GTIN-13 is a 13 position trade item number, used worldwide. We can provide you with a free GTIN-13 item number (encoded as EAN-13), if you manufacture your products with us.

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