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File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol for data transfer. Transfer works on a client-server model and you can use two methods to transfer your data to us through FTP.

  1. Upload them to your own FTP server and create an FTP client login that we will use to download them
  2. Let us create an FTP client login on our server and use it to upload your data to ftp.xvinylx.com

First case requires you have your own FTP server and we suppose you know how to operate it and create accounts. Second case is describe below.

Uploading using ftp.xvinylx.com account

  • Order vinyl/cd/dvd manufacturing (account will be only created if you are ordering or made an order in the past)
  • Ask us to create an FTP account for you
  • Wait for the credentials (server, login name, password)
  • Use an FTP client software to login to your account

Important: Do not use your web browser for FTP upload, most likely it will not work!

Instead, you can download and use some of the software below:

  • FileZilla (Linux/MAC/Windows) [1]
  • WinSCP (Windows, set it to FTP) [2]

FTP accounts on ftp.xvinylx.com are considered temporary and might be changed or deleted and re-newed over time. If you have a problem with your FTP account that previously worked, ask us if it's still available.

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