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Barcode Creation Guidelines

Barcode sticker applied on a plastic bag of a vinyl record packaging

We can work with either EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8, UPC-8.

If you have GS1 assigned prefix, selected barcode identification from your assigned range and either place it in your Artwork or the code to us for barcode stickers.

If you do not have a GS1 assigned prefix or do not know what GS1 is, do not buy barcodes online, we can assign you an EAN-13 code for your product free of charge.

If barcode is embedded into your artwork, remember that in order for it to be readable by range of barcode scanners, it should be created as a vector image, with dark colors for bars and light colors for surrounding quiet zones. Do not rely on software for creating barcodes that you do not know, when in doubt please ask our DTP to create the barcode graphics for you.

With traditional laser scanners, barcodes are often difficult to read through shrinkwrap, cellophane and plastic bags, which is why we recommend using a barcode sticker placed instead of embedding the barcode into the artwork of the product itself.