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Audio master

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We accept both physical media (CDs, DVDs, analogue tapes) and uncompressed/lossless digital audio files (.wav, .aiff, .flac, ...).

All orders must contain a tracklist.

For vinyl, see recommended playing times and mastering guidelines.

Digital (.wav, .aiff, .flac)

Best option is to use customer FTP account on our server

All files need to be packed into single .zip or .rar


Please always mail a copy of your CD-master, never send us your only copy!

Mail a secure package to our office address.

Analogue tapes

We are able to cut DMM plates in full analog form without any A/D and D/A conversion.

We will use our Telefunken M15A 1/4-inch reel player with playback and preview heads + Neumann SP79 mastering console + Neumann SAL 84 rack + Neumann VMS-82 DMM cutting lathe. As you can see, no digital delay line and no converters.

It is necessary that the audio on the supplied tape is properly pre-mastered for vinyl. Compared to our new mastering system with PC workstations, the old analogue method with SP79 consoles (the best in their years) is limited with regard to the functions and possibilities for changing parameters of cutting and correcting of audio source.

The additional fee for all analogue cutting option for an LP record is 200 Euro for both sides (100 Euro per side) supposing the tapes are correctly pre-mastered for vinyl and contain all necessary calibration signals. Also complete documentation with track times is needed and all tracks have to be recorded one after each other (no rewinding or skipping). Gaps between tracks are not needed, we will place visual track markers according to the tracklisting.

Calibration signals for tapes:

All supplied tapes have to include several sinus calibration tones, 60 Hz, 1 kHz and 10 kHz at -20 dB and also 1 kHz at 0 dB, all recorded at the same recorder and tape as the music. At least 20 seconds for each signal. Also Dolby test tone / noise if applied. For full analogue cut we accept only 1/4" tapes with speed 38 and 19 cm/s, EQ CCIR, NAB, Dolby A, Dolby SR.